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Renovate your strawberry patch for more berries next year

Author: Annie Klodd, Extension Educator - Fruit and Vegetable Production

Do you renovate your strawberry patch each year? If not, do it this year and you may be surprised at how much this step increases your yield and plant health next year!

While gardeners in northern Minnesota are still harvesting strawberries today, strawberry harvest has come to a close for the bottom 2/3 of Minnesota. After the final harvest, the patch should be renovated in order to restore the health of the plants and prepare them for the following season.

This process involves: Weed control, mowing, row narrowing, cultivation, fertilization, and irrigation.
Step 1: Remove large, mature weeds Because Step 2 of the renovation process will involve mowing the whole patch, any large weeds that are about to go to seed should be removed prior to mowing so that they don't spread their seeds into the soil. Additionally, I find that weeds are often easier to pull when they are larger compared to when they've bee…