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Smart Garden 2020: Test Your Soil!

Soil health is connected to plant health, environmental health, human health, and community health. Getting a soil test can help you to manage your farm or garden in a way that is responsible and safe. Check our newest video explaining the importance of soil testing and nutrient management:

So how do you take a soil test? 

The UMN Soil Testing Lab has instructions on their website, as well as guides for interpreting your test. Master Gardeners can also help you to read your soil test and make recommendations. 

If you would prefer a video overview, Extension Educator Katie Drewitz recently created a step by step video showing you how to take a soil sample from your garden. 

For sampling trees and bushes, see Annie Klodd's video about taking soil samples from a vineyard or orchard. While you are likely growing on a smaller scale than what's shown here, the same concepts still apply. 

Author: Natalie Hoidal, UMN Extension Educator
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