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Emerald ash borer active now through Sept 1

Minnesota Department of Agriculture reports the emerald ash borer (EAB) to be active from May 1 through September 1. EAB is responsible for destroying millions of ash trees across the US including in Minnesota.

Some things you can do to prevent the spread of EAB:
MDA Certified Seal

  • Do not prune, cut or remove ash branches, trees and stumps May 1 through September 1 in known EAB infested areas. 
  • Don't move firewood unless it's MDA Certified firewood (look for the MDA Certified Seal)
  • Report EAB or concerns about EAB by calling 888-545-6684 or emailing the MDA at
  • Learn the signs of EAB on ash trees and keep an eye out as an observant tree owner.

According to the MDA, May 1 through September 1 is considered the EAB flight season. EAB adult beetles are emerging from infested wood or trees and flying in search of new hosts during this time. EAB larvae complete their development by pupating into adult beetles in the spring and early summer.

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