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New publication on caterpillars now available

Cecropia is one of 15 caterpillars discussed
in the new U of MN Extension site.  
 Photo: Jeff Hahn, Univ. of Minnesota Extension
Just in time for the growing season, new information about caterpillars is now available on the University of Minnesota Extension Insect web site. Entitled Caterpillars on ornamental plants, this page discusses how to identify caterpillars, their biology, the kind of injury they cause, and their management.

There are 15 specific caterpillars described, divided into one of four categories: Non-web building caterpillars on trees and shrubs; Web building caterpillars on trees and shrubs; Large, showy caterpillars; and Caterpillars on perennials and annuals.

Each of the 15 caterpillars is described in detail explaining how to recognize them, their favorite
plants, their life history, and their feeding damage. This site is lavishly illustrated with 47 pictures to help identify the caterpillars and their feeding.

Next time you need help with a caterpillar in your yard and garden, don’t forget Caterpillars on ornamental plants!

Author: Jeff Hahn, Extension Entomologist

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