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Hunters can help with invasive species

Invasive species negatively affect food and habitat
for game animals like white tailed deer.
Your favorite season in Minnesota may depend on what you like to hunt. If you are a morel mushroom hunter, spring may be your favorite season. If you are a deer or game bird hunter, then fall is important to you.

Whatever your game, hunters and gatherers can play an important role in locating new populations of invasive species where they don't belong. Invasive species out compete native plants that provide food for game, they invade and take over woodlands and wetlands, and they can be home to pests that harm wildlife and people.

Hunting for invasive species WHEN you hunt

This month, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture November Weed of the Month features invasive weeds that impact fall hunters, and what hunters can do to help. Locating and reporting these plants when discovered while out in natural areas can help agencies eradicate them from the land.

Download the app!

Charging up your smart phone and downloading the Great Lakes Early Detection Network app before heading out will provide you with a fast and easy way to report colonies of invasive species like barberry, buckthorn, non-native bittersweet, to name a few.

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Author: Julie Weisenhorn, Extension Educator - Horticulture
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