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VIDEO: How to create a spring bulb garden that blooms through spring!

Spring tulips at the MN Landscape Arboretum
Photo: Gail Hudson, UMN Extension
It's spring bulb planting time! And though this rainy, cool fall weather may have kept you indoors, it's not too late to get outside, dig among the fading flowers, shrubs and trees in your yard to guarantee next spring will be a colorful one!

Be a Smarter Gardener when it comes to planting spring bulbs

Plant fall bulbs as long as you can work the soil.  In this video, UMN Extension Educator Julie Weisenhorn goes through the steps of basic bulb planting and explains how you can stagger spring bulbs so you'll have varying heights and constant blooms all spring long.

Video Producer: Gail Hudson, Extension Communications

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