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NEW VIDEO: Blue grama, a short but tough native grass

Blue grama 'Blond Ambition', an ornamental grass for the landscape.
Blue grama is one of the shortest prairie grasses, but it is one of the toughest, growing in drier sites and full sun. 

Learn how you can use blue grama in your garden in this new video 
Septic mounds and green roofs may not be on your garden site, but they are good locations for blue grama, along with boulevard gardens and the front of a perennial border. 

'Blond Ambition' (photo at top) is a tall showy form of blue grama.

This video is one of three videos in a series on native grasses. For more information on native grasses see our web page: 

Benefits of Native Grasses 

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Author: Mary H. Meyer, Extension Horticulturist and Professor
Video Producer: Gail Hudson, Extension Communications

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