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NEW VIDEO: Big Bluestem, A Great Native Grass

Big bluestem, a native MN grass.
Photo: Gail Hudson, Extension Communications
Big bluestem is one of the easiest native grasses to identify with its distinctive turkey-foot flowers. Did you know that there are several new forms or cultivars of big bluestem selected specifically for garden and landscape use? 

In this new UMN Extension video guide, learn how to identify big bluestem, the differences in some of these new cultivars and learn more about the benefits of using native grasses in your garden and landscape. 

This video is one of three videos in a series on native grasses. For more information on native grasses see our web page: 

Benefits of Native Grasses 

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Author: Mary H. Meyer, Extension Horticulturist and Professor
Video Producer: Gail Hudson, Extension Communications
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