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NEW VIDEO SERIES: How to Pick the Best Plant(s) For Your Yard & Garden

Entry gardens should
have a welcoming feel.

The gardener's mantra "Right plant, right place, and right purpose" may be filled with assimilation, but it actually hits nail on the head. For a successful, healthy yard and garden, you've got to choose the right plant for the right location and purpose.

For example, you should avoid plants with thorns in play areas or along narrow paths. Plants that grow tall should not be planted on the south side (sunny) of shorter plants as the taller plants will block the light. Plants with woody trunks and stems shouldn't be planted where you routinely pile up snow as the weight can break branches. You get the picture.

I taught a lot of plant selection classes this year - 8 sessions in total - and found myself explaining plant selection over and over. It's clearly easier to show people, but often my classes are taught in the winter - not very conducive to selecting and planting.

Watch our new video series

So with the help of videographer Gail Hudson, I put together a 3-part series on assessing your planting site for soil, sun and space; how to select plant options using our plant database Plant Elements of Design, and finally, planting the plant. You can access the videos below:

Right Plant, Right Place Part 1

What's the best way to assess your site BEFORE you buy your plant? Follow the three "S's," and you are good to go! 

Right Plant, Right Place Part 2

Next step is to sort through the overwhelming amount of choices. Here's how you can quickly narrow it down to the perfect plant! 

Right Plant, Right Place Part 3

It's time to plant, and we'll show you how to give your plant the best start in your yard and garden. 

You can still plant trees and shrubs as well as perennials for about 3-4 more weeks. I hope these videos help you to find just the perfect plant for that important spot in your yard and garden!

Author: Julie Weisenhorn, Extension educator - Horticulture
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