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Boxwood Update: Any signs of growth after last winter's deadly blow?

Boxwood seen on July 17, 2019.
Photo: Mary Meyer, Extension Horticulturist and Professor
Back in May in the Yard & Garden News,  I wrote about my boxwood knot in the front yard and  how it had showed severe damage from winter kill with entire sections of the plant showing brown leaves.

At the time, I thought about 20 percent of the plant was injured (okay, killed--it's still tough to say this word!) with my knot hedge or garden. And so I did nothing and was waiting to watch the plants grow out of the injury and cover the brown areas.

This has NOT happened….slowly there is some new growth, but I am NOT pruning at all this year.

Will my boxwood survive?

Next year, I hope the plants have recovered enough to grow and cover the brown. I did prune out some of the brown and what is left is an empty space…top to almost bottom in the hedge where thin sections are open and still dead.

I never would have guessed that the hedge was so injured that it would not recover from the damage.
The injury was much worse than what showed in the loss of green.  Otherwise, it would have regrown by now.

On the bright side, it is one less garden chore…and a tiresome chore at that. But I have to say, I miss trimming the boxwood knot and seeing how nice it looked.

Let’s hope that the coming winter is kinder and we see a new growth next spring.

Author: Mary H. Meyer, Extension Horticulturist and Professor
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