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Just in time for the holidays: Poinsettias webpage

The Marjorie McNeely Conservatory
at Como Park. WOW!
If you have a new poinsettia this holiday season, or still have one from last year, you'll want to check our the new Extension webpage on Poinsettias and how to help them re-bloom, and even thrive all year long!

I was never a fan of poinsettias. They were too holiday-specific for me. In the past, I thought having a poinsettia after Christmas was like never taking down the wreath on your door. I always  thought poinsettias looked pretty dull and color-less after the bracts dropped (the bracts form the  "petals" on the plant, but actually modified leaves).

Rose-like poinsettias
However, researching and writing this new webpage has renewed my interest in poinsettias and I am looking forward to bringing one (or maybe more) home with me this weekend.

Take a look at the new webpage. I hope it brings
you tidings of great joy - and a healthy poinsettia.

Author: Julie Weisenhorn, Extension Educator - Horticulture

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