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Houseplant Patrol: A new webpage for managing indoor pests

Clivia in full bloom
In these cold wintry days, we turn to tending our indoor gardens. Houseplants are really fun - tropical, usually lush, and their blooms can brighten any home. But there are also pests sometimes lurking in our plants. Because we are growing these plants in unnatural conditions (indoors), there are no natural predators managing pests numbers. That responsibility falls on us as plant owners.

Our new webpage Managing insect pests on indoor plants will provide help to those dealing with houseplant pests. Prevention, detection and options for managing these pesky critters are included. Gift tip: If you are giving a houseplant to someone, print out a copy to include. We hope you find it interesting and helpful.

You can also get answers from Extension to your gardening questions - indoors and out - every Saturday on Smart Garden, 8-9am, on WCCO radio AM 830.

- Julie Weisenhorn, Extension educator

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