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Help fight new invasive insect in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) issued a news release today to warn about a new invasive insect pest that has been found in Minnesota, the elongate hemlock scale (EHS), Fiorinia externa. It was detected on wreathes and other evergreen decorative items from Home Depot and Menards.

MDA is asking residents that bought evergreen decorations at any retail chain stores to “burn the
Elongate hemlock scale, a new
invasive insect pest in Minnesota. 
Photo: Lorraine Graney, Bartlett
Tree Experts,
items, or bag them and dispose of them in the trash once the items are no longer useful for decoration. The evergreen items should not be composted.” While EHS has only been found in Home Depot and Menards, it is possible that it may be present at other retail chains.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection issued a similar warning earlier this week after finding EHS in several retail chain stores.

This is the first time that this invasive insect pest has been found in Minnesota. While EHS prefers hemlock, it will feed on a variety of evergreens, including spruce, fir, cedar, and pine. EHS is originally from Asia.

For more information read the MDA news release

Jeff Hahn, Extension Entomologist
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