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Video: Are you over watering your lawn? Most people do, and don't even know it!

Save water, lower your bill and help the environment

Gail Hudson, Extension Communication Specialist

Photo: Gail Hudson, UMN Extension
Summer has quickly arrived, and already we've turned on our irrigation systems...leaving them to run throughout the season.  Typically, these systems are set on an odd-even schedule. But are you watering too much?

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You can have green grass, with a lot less blue!

In a 2016 survey, researchers found residents in many Twin Cities communities were using three times as much water in the summer than the winter, mostly due to lawn irrigation. But they don't have to!

Watch this video hosted by UMN Extension Educator Sam Bauer, part of a joint project by University of Minnesota Extension and the Metropolitan Council.

And stay tuned for part two....where we'll look at smart ways to control your irrigation, coming soon!

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