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Lawn still looking winter ragged? E-Z steps to repair your turf

Video: "Spring Lawn Repair"

Gail Hudson, Extension Communications Specialist

Winter damage to predominantly fescue grass lawn.
Photo: Gail Hudson
Remember the blizzard that hit Minnesota in April? Just a month or so later, the snow has melted and the winter has turned into summer heat, leaving behind brown spots on our lawns.

Recent rains have helped green things up...but you can do more to repair the winter damage with some easy steps.
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Tall fescue grass lawns can particularly show the impact, but this low maintenance, drought tolerant and Minnesota-hardy grass is worth a little TLC in the spring and early summer.

In this video, Extension Educator and Turfgrass Specialist Sam Bauer walks you through steps you can take to repair any lawn...keeping it green and gorgeous!

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