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Your Winter Garden: Watering house plants the right way

Plus, how much light does your plant need? By Gail Hudson, Extension Communication Specialist in Horticulture Now that it's early March, we've still got piles of snow on the ground in Minnesota. That means our efforts to garden inside will continue for a little while longer! If your window sills are filled with plants, you know it's easy to run into trouble with these greenery, by not providing enough light or too much light, with pests, diseases and/or a lack of water or too much water. Keep your plants un-stressed The trick is to keep your plant happy and un-stressed.  You can do that by giving your  plants the right amount of water.  In this video, Extension Educator Julie Weisenhorn has some tips and reminders for those of you with an indoor green thumb, plus she'll show you how to prevent leaf spot diseases with a simple watering tip. Too much light may not be a good thing As the sun grows stronger in the windows of your home, particularly those

Seed Catalogs Decoded!

Michelle Grabowski Annie Klodd Extension Educator Annie Klodd browses peppers in the 2018 Rupp seed catalog For many gardeners, the first sign of spring arrives in the form of seed catalogs in the middle of winter. Glossy color pages provide the promise of flowers, fruits, and vegetables in the coming season. Seed catalogs can open up a wide array of possibilities not to be found in local garden centers. Savvy gardeners can choose from multiple colors of flowers or vegetables, find disease resistant plants or varieties especially well-suited to their growing conditions. To make the most of what seed catalogs offer, it is important to understand the terms, abbreviations, and numbers that can be found in the description of each variety.