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Ground beetles are only nuisances

Jeffrey Hahn, Extension Entomologist

Some residents have been finding ground beetles in their homes lately. Ground beetles are a common group of beetles that are usually medium sized and dark-colored. As their name suggests, they are typically found on the ground where they hunt other insects. Because of their predaceous activities, they are considered to be very beneficial.
Ground beetles captured in a stick trap.  Ground beetles are
just nuisance and should be tolerated when possible.  Photo:
Jeff Hahn, University of Minnesota Extension

Occasionally in August and September, ground beetles can be found entering homes. Fortunately they are harmless to people and do no damage to property. Some people mistake them for cockroaches which is an insect that can infest homes so it is important to correctly identify any insects that are found. Ground beetles are short-lived and do not reproduce indoors.

Tolerate ground beetles when found in homes as much as possible. The only necessary control is physical removal, especially when only a few are seen. An option for controlling ground beetles is the use of sticky traps. Set out the traps in areas where ground beetles are being found; it is then an easy matter to remove the traps when they have captured ground beetles.

Regardless of what is done, ground beetles are a temporary problem that will go away on their own by the time the weather starts to cool off.

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