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There's still time for dormant seeding - a good option for good lawn next spring

“I know I missed the best time for seeding my lawn which is mid-August to mid-September. Can I still seed even though it’s October and temperatures have been mild?” According to turfgrass Extension educator, Sam Bauer, “Just wait, dormant seeding in November will be your best option." True temperatures are warm during the month of October, and a homeowner could get some seed germination before winter snows, but this is touch-and-go. Bauer recommends saving your time and money and wait dormant seed in mid- to end-November. Read more.

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  1. can't get to remainder of article--says page not found???

  2. The 'more' button came up with 'page not found' I am also struggling with the perfect, hopefully native, no mow option for my shady backyard.


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