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Turf War: Overwatering our lawns is sucking up our water supply (Star Tribune)

Sam Bauer, Extension Educator

Over the weekend the Star Tribune ran an article discussing lawn watering and its impacts on our pocketbooks and our water supply.  The author, Hannah Covington, spent a day with our Extension Turfgrass Science Team as we conducted irrigation audits for several homeowners in Apple Valley.  This study is sponsored by the Metropolitan Council with the ultimate goal of reducing the amount of water being applied to our home landscapes, much of which is wasted water.  With this study, we are conducting a survey (which many of you filled out- thank you!) and we are also selecting residents in the 7-county Metro Area to have their home irrigation systems being audited.  The audits entail checking irrigation system components, conducting performance testing and making recommendations on how to save water through basic irrigation system adjustments.  You can read more about how to properly conduct an audit of your irrigation system in the previous Yard and Garden News article titled "Water Wisely: Auditing Home Lawn Irrigation Systems."  To see just how strongly people feel about lawn watering, either for or against the practice, have a look at the 170 comments following the article below on the Star Tribune website.  Click the image below to be directed to the original article.  Thank you for your support of our water saving initiatives!  

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