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MDA Weed of the Month: Multiflora Rose

From the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Minnesota Noxious Weed Program

Multiflora rose plant covered in white flowers
Multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora) invades new areas through seed dispersal
when animals consume the fruit and spread the seed,
and it also spreads by the elongated stems rooting to the ground.
Photo: MN Dept. of Agriculture  
May’s weed of the month is an aggressively spreading, thorny plant. Multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora) is native to eastern Asia. It was introduced to North America as a rootstock for ornamental roses, and for erosion control, living fencerows, and wildlife habitat. Because of its highly invasive nature, it escaped cultivation and has become a serious threat to habitats where it outcompetes native plants and desirable agricultural forages. Read more ....
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