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Watch out for ticks during April

Jeff Hahn, Extension Entomologist

We enjoyed a very mild March and are anticipating this weather to continue into April. As people get outside more, an old “friend” will be waiting for us: ticks! Ticks are probably the last things on our minds but in fact ticks have been active during March and people have already reported finding ticks on themselves and on their dogs. This is not too surprising as blacklegged ticks, formerly known as 
Female blacklegged tick, a potential vector of Lyme disease. 
Photo: Jeff Hahn, UMN Extension
deer ticks, can be active in temperatures as cold as the mid 30’s (F). Blacklegged ticks are the species that can transmit Lyme disease as well as several other diseases.                   

What does this mean for us? Definitely get outside and enjoy the warm weather when we have nice days. Keep in the back of your mind that ticks could be encountered, especially when you are in habitats where ticks can be common. This includes grassy, brushy, and wooded areas. Minimally check yourself to detect any ticks you may have brought home with you. If you are going into areas that are high risk for ticks and the weather is particularly nice, you may even consider using a repellent to help protect yourself.

For more information see Ticks and their control.

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