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Strawberry root weevils just a nuisance

Jeffrey Hahn, Extension Entomologist

People have been reporting small, dark colored insects in their homes during July and August. A strawberry
Strawberry root weevils are just a nuisance. 
Photo: Jeff Hahn, UMN Ext
root weevil is a pear-shaped, dark brown or black insect with a short snout. It also has rows of punctures on its wing covers. Strawberry root weevils can crawl but they cannot fly.

Identification is very important because in a lot of cases, people have been concerned that these creatures are
ticks. The pair of antennae is a similar length as the legs and gives the appearance that the insect has eight legs. In the past strawberry root weevils have also been sometimes confused for bed bugs.

Strawberry root weevil larvae feed on the roots of a variety of plants, including, arborvitae, spruce, and strawberries. The adults sometimes accidentally enter homes and other buildings. It is common to find them sinks, tubs, basins, and other sources of moistures. They do not cause any damage and are just a nuisance. In most cases, people see only a few weevils at a time

Physical removal is the only necessary control. Strawberry root weevils will eventually go away on their own. For more information, see Home-invading weevils.
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