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Monday, March 2, 2015

Upper Midwest Home Lawn Care Calendar

Many people ask for advice on the timing of lawn care - when to seed, when to apply preemergent herbicide for crabgrass, when to aerate.

The following is a very helpful calendar guide to these and other basic lawn care maintenance for the average home lawns in the upper Midwest. Note that this calendar indicates the optimal and second-best timing for general lawn care. For more details about lawn care, be sure to visit our Extension Lawn and Turfgrass Management website.

For more: Upper Midwest Home Lawn Care Calendar.


  1. Most product manufacturers sell product that can be applied through late fall. Is this chart disagreeing with that approach??Or what is the meaning of fertilizing ending in mid June?

  2. Thanks for your question Mark. Just to clarify, the red dashed line indicates optimal timing for activities; the blue solid line indicates acceptable timing for activities.

    The calendar shows the optimal time for fertilizing is late August through late September. Grasses are actively growing as weather cools and this timing allows any new growth prompted by the fertilizer application to gradually harden off as temperatures decrease further, reducing winter kill.

    The "second-best" time to apply fertilizer according the calendar is end of April through mid-June. Remember that our tufgrasses typically grown in MN are cool season grasses. Applying early in spring will take advantage of the cooler weather and feed actively growing lawns.



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