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Spring in Minnesota

It seems like it would never get here, but spring in Minnesota is coming slowly but surely. March 20th is the first day of spring and the vernal equinox. There are two equinoxes each year - March and September - when the length of night and day are almost exactly the same.

One plant is starting to show itself in the the Horticulture Garden on the St. Paul campus: daylily 'Wayside King Royal' shoots are starting to emerge. The forecast calls for snow (much-needed moisture) and one more day of single digits, but then a warm up.

Lack of snow means soil is low in moisture content. As the weather warms, and if we continue to have dry conditions, water plants well. Mulching plants will help soil retain moisture longer in the root zone area as temperatures rise. Amend soils with compost (organic matter) to hold moisture as well especially in sandy soils.
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