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Extension on WCCO radio "Smart Gardens", Saturdays 8-9am

Saturday mornings are a good time to grab a cup of coffee, tune tWCCO.jpghe radio to WCCO 830AM, and listen U of M Extension answer listeners' questions about everything from aphids to zinnias, from grapes to grasshoppers. Heck, we just like talking about Minnesota gardening!

Saturdays, 8-9am on WCCO radio, 830 on the AM dial. year-round

Host: Denny Long

U of M Extension Smart Garden team: Julie Weisenhorn, Sam Bauer, Mary Meyer

Extension Master Gardener volunteers: Theresa Rooney (Hennepin County), Darren Lochner (Hennepin County)

Listen for special guests like Jeff Hahn, John Loegering, Karl Foord ....!

Podcasts of previous shows here: WCCO Smart Gardens
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