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Current Insects: April

Be on the watch for these insects in April

Insects in and around Homes
    °  carpenter
    °  cornfield, pavement, pharaoh, yellow, thief, odorous house, field, acrobat
    °  winged ants: carpenter, pavement, yellow, false honey
   °  carpet beetles
   °  lady beetles, multicolored Asian 
   °  larder beetles 
   °  see also stored product insects below

(True) Bugs
   °  boxelder bugs
   °  hackberry psyllids
   °   western conifer seed bugs

   °  German, brownbanded, American, Oriental
   °  Pennsylvania wood cockroaches (found indoors or outside in wooded areas)

° blow flies
° cluster flies
   °  fruit flies
   °  fungus gnats
   °  moth flies
   °  phorid flies (also called humpback flies)


Stored product insects
   °  Indianmeal moths
   °  flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles etc.

Wasps (including yellowjackets)

Non-insect arthropods
   ° spiders
  ° house centipedes
  ° pseudoscorpions
  ° millipedes
  ° sowbugs

Insects in Gardens
•  Andrenid bees
•  Common asparagus beetles (first active late April to early May)
•  Iris borers (eggs hatch late April to early May)
•  Root maggots (adults first active late April to early May)

Insects in the Landscape 
Clover mites
Eastern tent caterpillars (eggs hatch late April to early May)
Snow fleas
    Insects and relatives that bite or sting

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