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Registration Open: Great Lakes School of Turfgrass Science (Online Course)

Dear Yard and Garden News Readers,

For those of you that are interested in learning more about lawn care and turfgrass science but have been unable to attend the School of Turfgrass Management in the past, we've developed a new offering for you, The 2014 Great Lakes School of Turfgrass Science. Much like the traditional turf school, this class was designed as a basic foundation of turfgrass science education for those that don't have a formal degree in turfgrass science or those looking for a refresher. Along with the traditional instructors from the University of Minnesota (Sam Bauer and Dr. Brian Horgan) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Dr. Doug Soldat, Dr. Paul Koch, and Dr. Chris Williamson), we've also added instructors from five other universities:

Dr. Dave Chalmers- South Dakota State
Dr. Kevin Frank- Michigan State
Dr. Dave Gardner- Ohio State
Dr. Aaron Patton- Purdue
Dr. Frank Rossi- Cornell University

This ten person team of instructors brings a whole new level of turfgrass science knowledge to this short course. Other features of the new format include:
  • Fully online course; view session live on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm or watch the recordings
  • Half the cost of the traditional School of Turfgrass Management
  • Topics relevant to 21st Century Turfgrass Management
  • The opportunity to take part from the comfort of your home or workplace
If you have any questions regarding this new school, please contact me at:

Sam Bauer
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