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Dutch elm disease: a historical disease that threatens Minnesota's elms today

M. Grabowski, UMN Extension

Photo 1: Elm tree killed by Dutch elm disease

Michelle Grabowski, UMN Extension Educator

Dutch elm disease (DED) is a fungal disease that results in yellowing, wilting and browning of leaves, death of branches and eventually death of the entire tree. Today, the disease can be found in every county in Minnesota yet it is estimated that 1 million elms still remain within communities. Several management strategies have been developed that allow elms to survive if properly cared for. Elm trees can be protected from DED through fungicide injections, infections can be removed and treated if caught early, and new cultivars of elm offer resistance or tolerance to DED. To learn more on how to identify and manage the disease read the new UMN Extension publication on Dutch elm disease.

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