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New Options to Get Your Yard and Garden News

Sam Bauer, Extension Turfgrass Educator

Greetings Yard and Garden News Readers!

As we write this, March is quickly coming to a close, yet we're still looking at snow on the ground across much of the state. What an unbelievable start to spring. Mother Nature has really shown us over the last couple of years that there really is no such thing as normal. But, weather patterns are not the point of this article, rather we would like to inform you about some positive changes that have happened with the Yard and Garden News over the last month.

No, this is not the time to panic if you enjoy the current format and the way that you receive and read our publication. None of that will change. We've simply added more ways for you to access the information in a timely manner, and we're utilizing more platforms for you to learn from our educators.

We will continue to email out all of the articles bi-monthly (growing season) or monthly (off season) if you are a subscriber. However…

Lawn care: spring floods and drought....... really?

Sam Bauer, Extension Turfgrass Educator

Hooray! It's finally time to start thinking about home lawn care again.  Last fall we were stressing the importance of maintaining moisture levels in your lawn amidst one of the worst droughts in Minnesota's history.  In case you've forgotten, the months of August through November alone saw an eight inch precipitation deficit in the Twin Cities area.  This translates to approximately 70% below average precipitation for the fall period.  Many other areas of the state, mainly northwestern and southern Minnesota, were in a much worse situation.

Minnesota Climatology Working Group
Photo 1: Winter precipitation
Currently, 67 percent of Minnesota is in Extreme Drought or Severe Drought according to the University of Minnesota Climatology Working Group (Spoden, 2013).  Fortunately, total precipitation for 2013 is so far above average.  The climatology map on the left shows precipitation departures from normal for the first of the year unti…

New Sightings of Invasive Insect Pests

Jeffrey Hahn, Asst. Extension Entomologist

Two invasive insect pests, emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) were found in new locations during March.

Jeff Hahn
Photo 1: Emerald ash borer

EAB was discovered in Roseville (Ramsey County) on March 19 at the intersection of Snelling Ave. and Highway 36 by an arborist. The Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture (MDA) was contacted and after inspecting the tree was able to confirm one ash was infested by EAB. They also found three nearby trees that exhibited EAB symptoms and is suspected to be infested. MDA and the city of Roseville will conduct additional surveys in the area to verify the extent of the infestation. So far, the infestation only appears to be a few years old and likely represents a new pocket of infestation.

Despite this new infestation, EAB has still been confirmed in only four counties in Minnesota. In addition to Ramsey County, EAB has also been identified in Hennepin, Winona, and Houston Counties. …