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Plant NOW for Dazzle next Spring

Karl Foord - Extension Educator, Horticulture

I always have mixed feelings about fall. I know plants, animals, and insects have cycles, but it is depressing to see the hummingbirds leave, the plants die or go dormant, and the insects die or hibernate. In the spirit of acceptance of such things I would choose to focus on the spring when many things "come back" to life. One of the great joys of spring is watching the spring flowering bulbs pop through the ground and bring color to a bleak landscape. To enjoy this one must act now and plant. To appreciate the joys to come I have collected the Flowering Plant Video Library entries featuring spring flowering bulbs and organized them by flowering time somewhat following Chart 1. which also appears in the yard and garden brief: Spring Flowering Bulbs.

Y&G Brief

Chart 1: Spring Flowering Bulbs Planting Chart

General Recommendations:

1. Plant in odd numbered groups or mass plantings.
2. Plant where they can be seen from a favorite window in the house.
3. Planting depth and spacing depends on the individual bulb. Generally bulbs are planted 2.5 times their diameter. In light sandy soils plant 1 - 2 inches deeper and in heavy clay soils 1 - 2 inches more shallow.
4. Protect bulbs from hungry critters

See articles below for specific bulbs.
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