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Flowering Plant Video Library - Fruit Trees

Karl Foord - Extension Educator, Horticulture

Click on the link to see the video with host Dr. Mary Meyer, Professor of Horticulture

Sour Cherry, Pie Cherry (Prunus cerasus 'Northstar')

Karl Foord

Photo 1: Sour Cherry (Prunus cerasus 'Northstar')

Canadian Serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis)

Karl Foord

Photo 2: Canadian Serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis)

Grapes (Vitis spp.)

Karl Foord

Photo 3: Grapes (Vitis spp.)

Apples I: Dwarfing Rootstock and Pruning (Malus domestica)

Karl Foord

Photo 4: Dwarf Apple (Malus domestica)

Apples II: Pest Management (Malus domestica)

Karl Foord

Photo 4: Pears (Pyrus communis)

Pears (Pyrus communis)

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