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Flowers - Beautiful, Nutritious, & Dangerous

Karl Foord

Photo 1: Goldenrod Spider "Flower Spider" "Red-spotted Crab Spider Misumena vatia; Male on top of female who has Spring azure Blue Butterfly Celastrina sp. in grasp

Karl Foord, UMN Extension Educator

While photographing lilies for the article "Lilies - One of the Queens of the Garden," I came upon a blue butterfly (perhaps a Spring Azure Celastrina sp.). I was hoping to photograph it when it had opened its wings. I slowly drew closer only to realize that it was not to open its wings again. It was in the grasp of a flower spider (perhaps a Goldenrod Spider or "Red-spotted Crab Spider" Misumena vatia).

A smaller spider perhaps a male of the species jumped on top of the other spider and then fled. I would expect this was a wise thing to do. This spider was particularly well camouflaged on this Lilium 'Heart's Desire' Asiatic Lily. Flowers are beautiful, nutritious and dangerous, depending on your point of view.

Karl Foord

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