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Calendar: July 15, 2011

University of Minnesota Extension

What's wrong with my plant?" tool on UMN Extension Website

This time of year, a multitude of plant problems become very visible in gardens across Minnesota. Insects, diseases, wildlife, environmental and cultural problems can all cause garden plants to look less than their best. In order to determine the best management practices to bring plants back to healthy vigorous growth, gardeners need to know what's causing the problem in the first place.

The University of Minnesota Extension Horticulture team has developed a user friendly online diagnostic tool called 'What's wrong with my plant?' located on the Extension Garden page. Following simple steps, gardeners are able to narrow down the possible problems based on the symptoms they are seeing. Once the pest is identified, a link is provided to a publication describing the pest and management options.

Planning a trip to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum? Check out the calendar below to see what's in bloom!

Yard and Garden News Editor: Karl Foord
Technical Editor: Bridget Barton

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