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Calendar: August 1, 2011

Julie Weisenhorn

Big Sky series echinacea 'Sunset'

Constantly pick ripe and oversize produce from your gardens to minimize yellow jacket (wasp) activity and to encourage plants to remain productive as long as possible. Remove fallen fruit as well, before it begins to ferment. Yellow jackets usually aren't aggressive, provided you don't swat at them or disturb them. They're attracted to soda and other drinks, so be very careful when you drink from a can you've set down for a while.

Late August through early September is an ideal time to add flowering perennials to your garden, whether you buy them from the garden center or use divisions from your own or your neighbor's plants, Make sure there are still two or three weeks of decent growing conditions expected after planting. Mulch around the perennials, then cover the area with 4" to 6" of mulch later, when the soil freezes.

Yard and Garden News Editor: Karl Foord
Technical editor: Bridget Barton

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