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Iris Show

Photo 1: Iris cristata Crested Dwarf Iris. Karl Foord.

Don't miss the Iris show that is coming into its own at this moment. The Iris genus contains some 260 species of plants with showy flowers. The most commonly found garden iris is the bearded German Iris (Iris germanica), and its many cultivars (Photo 1). Other beardless iris types found in the garden are the Siberian Iris (I. sibirica) and the Japanese Iris (I. ensata), and their respective hybrids. The Siberian Iris can be distinguished from the Japanese Iris as the latter's flower is a more upward facing flatter flower. A number of other species are worth considering including the Dwarf Crested Iris (I. cristata) (Photo 2).

We have two excellent publications on Iris as follows:
"Iris" by Rhonda Fleming Hayes and David C. Zlesak and
"Gardens" by Deborah L. Brown.

Photo 2: The beard of a bearded iris, Iris germanica. Karl Foord.

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