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Garden Calendar: May 15, 2011

Fritillaria imperialis
'Rubra maxima' Karl Foord.

Fritillaria imperialis Crown Imperial. Karl Foord.

We are at least two weeks behind an "average" spring. Last year at this time we had experienced a Mother's Day (May 9, 2010) frost which killed many strawberry and apple flowers. This year as of May 13th the apples are in red bud stage and will likely start flowering next week. I have not seen a strawberry flower.

New tree id app designed by the Smithsonian

This new app is a great tool for identifying trees, and it has some citizen scientist applications as well. The location of the tree and its identity are recorded automatically. See more at the Smithsonian website!

It is currently only available to iPhones but will be released for android later this summer. And it's free!

Yard and Garden News Editor: Karl Foord
Technical Editor: Bridget Barton

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