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Calendar and Contributors: October 15, 2010

Getting ready to say goodbye to your garden for the winter? U of M Horticulture Science Professor Bud Markhart offers ways to "Spend time in garden now to save money later" in this KARE11 article. (Don't miss the video on the right side!) And remember- when it comes to your garden, it's not goodbye, it's see you later.

*New this month!*
The Yard and Garden News will now feature brief profiles of the contributors! We've asked "What do you like most about your job?" and "What are you passionate about outside of work?" This month will start with the Yard and Garden News Editor, Karl Foord, and the Technical Editor, Bridget Barton.

Karl Foord, UMN Extension Educator; Yard and Garden News Editor
The thing I like most about my job is learning and discovery. For me these are horticultural and biological topics. Such as learning about the importance of pollinators, how insects fly, the variation in the taste of fruits especially apples and strawberries, and how plants respond to their environment. I like capturing information and putting it in a form that is easy for people to absorb, especially visually.

I am passionate about photographing birds and insects in flight. I am passionate about geology the history of the earth and its organisms, and my dogs (Indiana Jones on my right and Moose on my left).


Bridget Barton, UMN Extension Master Gardener State Program Assistant; Yard and Garden News Technical Editor

The best part of my job is the variety! From working with the Master Gardeners to being the technical editor for the Yard and Garden News- every day is something new! I also love the opportunities I have to meet and work with such interesting and talented people. It's been awesome getting to know Master Gardeners from all over the state, and to see the amazing projects they are working on in their communities. I'm lucky to be part of such a unique program!

I am currently working on my Master of Public Policy at the U of M Humphrey Institute. When I'm not at work or at school, I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I also love gardening, dogs, trips to Duluth and the Minnesota Twins (even after the disappointing playoffs last week!)

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