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Garden Calendar: October 1, 2010

Starting this month, the Yard and Garden News will move to publishing just once per month for the winter. We'll return to twice monthly in the Spring!

Watch November 1 for an article on the challenges facing honey bees by UMN Bee Researcher, Marla Spivak. Spivak, a nationally and internationally respected entomologist, recently won a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant for her work on the health of honeybees!

Garden Calendar:

  • The first frost in the Twin Cities Metro area is expected Sunday! Be sure to cover any tender annuals, and keep an eye out for frost damage! Wondering what the historic frost dates are for your area? Look up your city in this handy table from the Minnesota Climatology Working Group!

  • Be sure to protect hybrid teas and other roses that aren't winter hardy here, around mid-month. It's a gamble when canes are damaged when temperatures drop below 20 degrees F. Mounding soil over over the crowns or tying canes is more work, but much more effective than just using Styrofoam rose cones. Just rake leaves over the bases of hardier roses.

  • Tackle garden clean-up chores before cold, wet weather makes them more difficult. Pull frost-damaged annuals and vegetables, cut back damaged perennials, empty large containers and bring them into the basement or garage where they won't freeze and crack.

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