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Garden Calendar: July 16, 2010

apple maggot.JPG
Photo 1: Apple Maggot Traps Karl Foord.

Apple maggot flies are out there! See what I caught in my traps. Note the small plastic bag containing a pheromone to attract the flies.

Correction from July 1 edition of Y&G News. Past editor and Rose expert David Zlesak noted an error in last editions rose pictures. The Frau D.H. rose that is labeled at the Arboretum in the main garden is incorrect. There was one there, but a sucker from a neighboring rose snuck in and people pruned the true Frau out accidentally. See attached picture for correct flower.

Time to renovate strawberries!

We are still in the picking season for summer raspberries.

Wondering what those spots are on your rose? Black spot is common this time of year but so are several other leaf spot diseases. Check out "What's Wrong with my Plant?"

7 29 2009 Frau Dagmar Hartopp IMG_3672 (51).jpg
Photo 2: Frau Dagmar Karl Foord.

Yard and Garden News Editor: Karl Foord
Technical Editor: Bridget Barton

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