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New Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Fact Sheet Available

Jeffrey Hahn, Asst. Extension Entomologist

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Emerald ash borer adult
Jeff Hahn
A publication entitled A Guide for Homeowners on Pesticide Selection, Use, Safety, and Environmental Protection is now available. This fact sheet was written by the Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture with help from the University of Minnesota Extension and Dept. of Natural Resources. It discusses factors to consider before using an insecticide, insecticide treatment options, recommendations to protect water quality, information on insecticide labels, and how to measure trees.

A clarification should be made regarding the timing of insecticides. The included chart is generally true but it should be noted that imidacloprid should be treated in spring about 4 - 6 weeks before EAB is expected to emerge, i.e. late May or early June or the previous fall. We are at the end of the time for treatment with imidacloprid. However, the use of Tree age (emamectin benzoate) can still be used until late May to early June.

You can find this publication at the Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture web site.
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