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Spring Insects Are Early

Jeffrey Hahn, University of Minnesota Asst. Extension Entomologist


Photo 1: Recently hatched forest tent caterpillar.Jeff Hahn.

We are experiencing a noticeably early spring. Consequently this has caused insects to become active earlier than normal. During April, insects such as forest tent caterpillar, European pine sawfly, and pine spittlebug were already active, about 3 - 4 weeks ahead of schedule. Undoubtedly, many garden insects are also active as well. That is not to say all of individuals of a species have become active, but at certain sites they have.

If you are anticipating a particular insect problem for mid May, look now, it probably is already present. If you are looking for an insect that normally comes out in early May, it probably is already is active. Inspect your garden and landscape now for potential insect pests.

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