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Rove Beetles

Jeffrey Hahn, University of Minnesota Asst. Extension Entomologist

An interesting sample was received from northwest Minnesota in March during a week when the weather was unseasonably warm. More than 20 insects were found on the carpeting in a couple of rooms in a Senior citizens' home. They were worried that they would be damaging and spread to other areas of the building.

rove beetle howard person.jpg
Rove beetles
Howard Person
The insects in question are a species of rove beetle. Rove beetles are very common insects, although the are often overlooked by people. Most are small, 1/16th - 1/8th long and are conspicuous because of the short wing covers they possess which leaves much of the abdomen exposed. Rove beetles are often associated with dead animals and dung as well as on the ground under stones and other debris. They are predaceous on other insects.

Fortunately, rove beetles are not harmful to people or our property. They do not reproduce indoors and are just a temporary nuisance. It is likely that these particular beetles overwintered near the building and wandered indoors when warm temperatures arrived. The use of a vacuum or some other type of physical removal is the only necessary control.
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