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Arboretum Challenge: Veggies by the Yard

Leslie Cooney, Membership Services Manager, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Are you thinking about your gardens? Starting seeds? Planning a vegetable bed? Need a garden plan?

The Arboretum is issuing a challenge to all gardeners out there to plant and compare with something we're calling "Veggies by the Yard." Part of our summer exhibition on Powerhouse Plants, we're going to find out just how much food can be grown on a 4x12 ft. plot. Our website offers several vegetable garden plans to choose from:

We'll keep a harvest tally of our yields and ask you to do the same - entering the data online every Saturday June through September. It's a chance to go head to head with Ted Pew, our valiant veteran veggie guy and landscape gardener extraordinaire!
Photo: Will you be planting one of the Veggies by the Yard garden plans this year? Karen Jeannette.
Find out more about how you can participate in the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum's Veggies by the Yard by visiting:
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