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Emerald Ash Borer is found in Minneapolis

Minnesota Department of Agriculture news release

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) confirmed on Thursday February 25 an emerald ash borer infestation in four trees in the Prospect Park East River Road neighborhood of Minneapolis within Tower Hill Park. This infestation is within a mile of the St. Paul neighborhood in which the tree pest was found last year.


Photo 1: Emerald ash borer galleries. Jeffrey Hahn.

The infestation was discovered through an ongoing survey of ash trees in the vicinity of the South St. Anthony Park neighborhood, where EAB was found in May 2009. While this marks the first time emerald ash borer has been found in Minnesota outside Ramsey County, state officials said the discovery was anticipated. Last fall, scientists determined that the St. Paul infestation had been in place for about three years prior to detection. Since the adult beetles can fly up to 2 miles each year, officials expected that the bug had spread into Minneapolis.

There is quarantine for emerald ash borer in place for Ramsey and Hennepin Counties as well as Houston county in the southeast corner of Minnesota that prohibits moving from those counties any items that may be infested with EAB, including ash trees and ash tree limbs, as well as all hardwood firewood. This quarantine remains in effect in 2010.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board's Forestry Division is responsible for planting and maintenance of public trees on Minneapolis city streets and parkland. The Park Board's forestry division has been working with MDA to prepare for the arrival of EAB. Next steps will include removal of infested trees and an intensified survey of all ash trees in the surrounding area.

For more information on emerald ash borer, go to the University of Minnesota Extension's EAB web page

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