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September gardening endings and beginnings

Dear Yard and Garden News readers,

September represents both an ending and a beginning to me (see the 2009 September gardening list and tips related to these beginning and ending activities). It represents a time that much of the garden is hitting (or has hit) its peak and must become prepared for winter rest. Yet September brings with it another growing season's knowledge and discovery in which a gardener can formulate his or her new future gardening plans for the next year. As your new University of Minnesota Extension Yard and Garden News editor, it is with great enthusiasm, that I look forward to continuing the tradition of helping gardeners and yard caretakers in Minnesota become connected with the horticultural science and research that manifests itself into useful gardening information, tips, and discoveries.

Before I move forward with this and other issues, I would like to thank David Zlezak and past editors for producing and developing what I have always experienced as interesting, intriguing, and informative Yard and Garden News. The Yard and Garden News has always been a central place for me to stay connected to University of Minnesota horticulture research and information.

Before David crossed the Minnesota-Wisconsin border to take his new position as assistant professor at University of Wisconsin - River Falls, we had an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm infinite and exciting possibilities for Yard and Garden News readers. Similar to David, exploring gardening and horticulture is what led me to pursue both undergraduate and graduate degrees in horticulture. Even after two horticulture degrees, I'm still just as curious and interested in knowing the what, how, and why for just about everything plant-related (In fact, more education just makes me aware of how much more there is to know that I don't know!). Whether you read the Yard and Garden News with the same spirit of curiosity and interest in the science-based "when", "why", or "how", or whether you just want to find out what gardening methods or yard care tips the University of Minnesota Extension recommends so you care for your garden and yard in a way that meets your personal goals, I hope you will all join me in this and future editions of the Yard and Gardens News.

As the gardening season is winding down, the Yard and Garden News will be issued once per month. We will continue to be here for you with the standard monthly issues and a wealth of information available to you in the ten years of archived issues. Thank you for your faithful readership of the Yard & Garden News. Please look forward to the next issue of the Yard and Garden News October 1, 2009.

Happy Gardening!

Karen Jeannette
Yard and Garden News Editor
University of Minnesota
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