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Farewell and Hello

Thumbnail image for David Zlesak Dear Yard and Garden News readers,

I am resigning from the University of Minnesota Extension to start a new 
position just across the border at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) as an assistant professor in Horticulture.  Leaving the University of Minnesota Extension is bittersweet because I truly love Extension and all the wonderful people I've gotten to know and the opportunities I've been very fortunate to be a part of.  The Yard and Garden News is one of them- first as a frequent author and then also as your editor.  I have loved interacting with those of you that have contacted me and the great fun it has been being on the lookout for additional authors that have interesting information and stories to share with us. At UWRF I'll have a teaching appointment working with undergraduate students.  I'll be teaching plant propagation, woody plant identification, introduction to plant science, nursery management, and hopefully also plant breeding.  I look forward to helping lay a strong foundation in our next generation of horticulturists and helping students connect to their unique passions within horticulture. 

I am very excited Karen Jeanette will be taking over as editor of the Yard and Garden News!! Karen and I were officemates in graduate school at the University of Minnesota and both earned our undergraduate degrees in horticulture from UWRF.  She is a passionate horticulturist and has very strong information technology skills.  She has been working with the national eXtension team to help pull together Extension horticulture resources across the nation and establish the unified horticulture component on the national site.  No matter where people are at in the country, they can go to this eXtension hub and get directed to pertinent and region-specific information regarding horticulture.  I look forward to all the great opportunities ahead for the Yard and Garden News with Karen leading the way.  The recent survey results from your evaluation of the newsletter will also be a great tool to help Karen keep the newsletter strong and continue in a way that meets your needs in even a greater way.

At the beginning of August the format of the newsletter changed to a blog.  There have been some questions that have come up because of that.  Many of you love to print out the newsletter to read it.  Many of us spend so much time at the computer that having a hard copy and being able to spend time in the yard or elsewhere as we read the newsletter is a treat. If you would like to more easily print the newsletter or just see it as a complete newsletter with each article in its entirety right after each other like it used to look there is a way.  Please go under the archives section on the right side of the page and click on the month you would like to view.  This should open a screen where all the articles in their entirety for that month are visible and printable. 

Thank you for the great opportunity it has been to serve you as a Yard and Garden News author and editor.

David C. Zlesak

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