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A Huge Thank You for Responding to the Yard & Garden News Survey!!


survey image Greetings Yard and Garden News readers!

First, thank you for your thoughtful responses on Y&G News' first ever reader survey. We were pleased to get so much positive feedback, and we have spent a lot of time discussing your comments about ways to make Y&G News even better.

The survey told us loud and clear that you value the timeliness and trustworthiness of the information, as well as the fact that it is Minnesota-specific. These things are important to us, too.

The survey also told us that many of you would like a shorter newsletter with postings more often, and that you would like a way to interact with the information and the educators.

In response to this, we have made the move from the one-way communication of our old webpage to the interactive options made possible with a blog. We want to stress that this new format still has the same quality information you've come to depend on. But now you can comment on the articles and take advantage of the RSS feed. It will also allow us to post more frequently.

We encourage you to explore these new features, or you can sit back, relax and read Yard and Garden News like you always have: This transition does not require any specific action from you. You will continue to receive emails from us, on the same schedule you're used to. You can easily see the lead in for the various articles and click to continue reading those you would like to. You can still click on photographs to view larger images. Photo captions can be viewed by placing your curser over the image.

Thank you,
David C. Zlesak and the Yard & Garden News team






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