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Consumers Beware!!


Michelle Grabowski, University of Minnesota Extension Educator

Downy Mildew, a potentially devastating fungal disease of roses has been found on several roses for sale in Minnesota. The disease has been identified on Double Knock Out®, Pink Knock Out® and Europeana®, but all rose cultivars are susceptible to Downy Mildew. This disease results in irregular purplish red leaf spots that eventually turn tan in the center. Infected leaves often turn yellow and fall off. Under very humid conditions gray fuzzy fungal growth may be seen on the underside of infected leaves. Downy Mildew also causes purplish black streaks on rose stems. Downy Mildew thrives under cool humid conditions. It spreads easily on the wind. If infected plants are brought into the garden, the disease could easily spread to other roses and raspberries in the area. Do not purchase roses with dark leaf spots!

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